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Melbourne, Australia. An Open Canvas for Street Art | Travel Photography

Street art near Yarra river | Melbourne, Australia.
Street art near Yarra river | Melbourne, Australia.

I travelled to Melbourne, Australia for the first time in 2004, those trips back then (like many of the ones I do today) were all about exploring new art, food, music and of course a healthy amount of bars, cafes and clubs, the nightlife is fantastic down under.

The image of Melbourne that stayed with me until today is of a funky, artsy and "at the bleeding edge of all things fashion" kind of city, I would go as far as to consider Melbourne to be the Australian version of New York in the art and funky category.

Mel G by Mario Guarneros
Mel G by Mario Guarneros

Back in 2011 when I had the chance to meet and work with model/photographer Mel G in Melbourne we produced some urban model photography which is one of my favourite genre since it allows me to move around the city finding fantastic backgrounds and locations that produce images that simply wouldn't be possible in a studio as there is always the unexpected element to them. You can see the results of that session in my "A Walk Around Melbourne with Mel G" post.

For the urban model photography session with Mel we decided to end the session near Degraves street, more specifically in Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane.

These last two areas are connected and very well known due to them being heavily covered in all forms of street art, from graffiti and stickers to stencil art.

In August of 2013 Rutledge Lane was completely covered in nursery blue paint by artist Adrian Doyle, needless to say this irate many of the local artists.

Curious to see how Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane looked after only one month of being painted baby blue I head out with my DSLR to document some of the ever changing street art of Melbourne.

Below is a gallery with some of my favourite artwork spotted at Degraves Street, Hosier Lane, Rutledge Lane and some other areas off the Yarra River.

Make sure to add this areas to your next visit to Melbourne as they are also covered with funky outlets serving good food and drinks, from a hot pot of soup to some tapas at Movida.