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Meet the Lytro, the World's First Consumer Light Field Camera

The Lytro is a light field consumer camera that does what every pro and amateur photographer could only dream of: take the focusing worries out of the equation of creating art by capturing light. With light field (or plenoptic) technology the camera is able to record all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space, which then gets recorded in a proprietary file (much like a RAW file) which allows for adjustments (focusing included) in post production (yes, you read that right).

So basically you can take a photo now and select the focus later, Lytro is calling the resulting images: Living Pictures; plus whenever you share your images on the Internet you or the viewer can interactively adjust the focus point "on the spot" (pun totally intended) plus according to Lytro's blog this extend to 3D. Some examples of Lytro's Living Pictures can be found here and some more examples with super model Coco Rocha on 3D here.

The Lytro light field camera comes in three flavours: Red Hot($499), Graphite($399) and Electric Blue($399) and will start shipping early 2012 in the US only.

Initially compatibility will be for Mac only with Windows support being under development at the time of writing.

Full Lytro specs and product image gallery: