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Electric Kitty | Fashion Editorial with Kiwi Model Jes Body

Jes Body for Electric Kitten by Photographer Mario Guarneros. #MarioGuarneros #Fashion #JesBody

Jes Body for Electric Kitten by Photographer Mario Guarneros. #MarioGuarneros #Fashion #JesBody

Electric Kitty Fashion Editorial

Jes and I first met at a fitness photo session for Glory Girls in Jumeirah, or maybe it was at a Salt-n-Pepa concert I covered in Madinat, in any case the outcome was the beginning of a creative relationship of two highly visual oriented people that would result in the experimental fashion editorial photo session: Electric Kitty.

Enter Jes Body

Jes is one of those multi dimensional, super charged and inspirational modern empowered women you read about in magazines and fitness blogs.

Simply put, she is a free spirit determined to achieve her goals and she does so in a consistent and healthy manner.

When she is not back bending in exotic places all over the world she is sharing her wealth of healthy lifestyle knowledge through her website and Instagram feed or performing club dancing and absolutely killing it at Blue Marlin Ibiza.

I am convinced that her days (just as some of my own) consist of more than 24 hours ;)

How that translates for me as a photographer is that Jes is the kind of model I love to have in front of my camera, her positive energy pierces and shines right through the lens and makes its way into the final artwork produced.

From Instagram to Pinterest and into Experimentation

I don't know how it got started but in a spontaneous and sudden departure from fitness concepts Jes and I started to exchange inspirational sexy and trendy images through Instagram (you might actually find our tags @JesBody and @MarioGuarneros all over the sexiest and funkiest images on Instagram) and eventually we ended up creating inspirational boards on Pinterest which pretty much turned out to be the foundation of an imminent experimental photo session.

Shooting At Base Camp and Taking Over Pacha Dubai

Jes Body for Electric Kitten by Photographer Mario Guarneros #MarioGuarneros #DubaiPhotographer #Fashion #JesBody
Jes Body for Electric Kitten by Photographer Mario Guarneros #MarioGuarneros #DubaiPhotographer #Fashion #JesBody

After months of talking about it we finally were able to match schedules and set up for the Electric Kitty fashion editorial at Jes’ base camp in Tecom, Jes got in touch with and eventually put in charge of make up and hair Dubai based MUA Anneken StarWalker, to compliment the outfits we had some jewellery and accessories provided to us by upcoming jeweller extraordinaire Joe Upton.

We diversified the session as much as possible and we managed several looks in a relatively short period of time before it was time to call it a day.

Few days later we headed to Pacha Dubai in Madinat Jumeriah where we took over the place as Charl Chaka and Stu Laurie killed the dance floor with awesome tunes while Jes and I continued to photo shoot a bit around the venue.

Shooting with Jes was fun and fast paced, I recommend to anyone to check out Jes Body's website or follow her on Instagram to get some fitness inspiration to kickstart your own healthy lifestyle.

Electric Kitty Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of the imagery produced with the talented and gorgeous Jes Body: