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The photographic adventures of

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation in Dubai.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation

About the Foundtaion

The WOSP (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) is a Polish foundation who's aim is to work in the field of health protection by saving lives (specially of young patients) and supporting their treatment.

Additionally, the Foundation promotes health and medical prevention.

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From their official website:

We pursue this aim by organizing the Great Finale money collections, by purchasing medical equipment for hospitals all over Poland, and by running five nation-wide medical programs and one educational program.

What most people would say when asked about their first association with WOŚP is the January money collection called the Great Finale. Heedless of snow and frost, thousands of our volunteers march the streets of Poland to collect donations for a given aim. Each year, the Foundation chooses a theme – the aim we want to achieve. So far, we have collected money for:

Child’s heart surgery; Saving children victims of accidents; Saving infants’ and youngest children’s life; Saving children with kidney problems; Saving children with inborn defects; Modern diagnostic tools and treatment in neonatology and pediatrics and other aims.

The Dubai Edition of the Great Finale

The second edition of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation Great Finale in Dubai was organised by Polish volunteers Joanna and Mateusz Glazowski, Agata Kolodziejczyk and Natalia Stolarczyk and took place at Al Barsha Pond park on the 10th of January 2015.

WOSP Dubai Photos

To support their charity efforts I volunteered to take photos of the event so they could share them in official websites and social media and groups to raise awareness on the efforts of the foundation, here is a selection of the event photos.

Thank you to all the lovely Polish and other expats that came don to the park to donate!