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Fur On The Rocks | Jagd Licht with model Siebzehn in Vienna, Austria.

Fur On The Rocks

Fur On The Rocks #MarioGuarneros #Fashion

Fur On The Rocks #MarioGuarneros #Fashion

The Metamorphic City

Touching down yet again in the one European city that radically keeps shape shifting on me the most over the last pentad, the quaint city of Wien.

En route to the hotel from the airport, model Siebzehn greets my arrival with a what's app delivery of inspirational imagery for our photo session the next morning, I immediately start to mull over the style direction in which we will be taking this edition of our collaboration project "Jagd Licht”.

As it is always the case with miss Siebzehn, I love where this iteration is heading.

At Close Quarters

We started the session early morning in my usual spot when I am roaming away from base, my hotel room in downtown Vienna.

Armed with a genuine Japanese kimono, a sequin jacket and bold bright make up we burned through the first part of the photo session which due to the amazing natural light coming from the window consisted mainly of portraits.

Fur On The Rocks #MarioGuarneros #Fashion

Fur On The Rocks #MarioGuarneros #Fashion

Fur On The Rocks

What’s brilliant and I love about photo shooting in Europe is that you are always spoiled with locations, this time we decided not to travel too far and made use of the cherry blossom flowers covering the trees across the street and a pond gate made out of stone to keep things simple.

The cloudy with sporadic rays of sun piercing through the sky ambiance gave us a rock chick moody feel which would actually provide us with the inspiration for a rock & graffiti concept that we ended up shooting few months later.

The coloured fur coat took centre stage over the rocks followed by the pink and gold tones over concrete benches and steps.

Reach Out and Touch Faith

I tend to mix business with pleasure whenever possible since life is too short not to have fun, so after unleashing the creative vibes and producing some rocking photos it was time for late lunch followed by drinks and shennanigans at the famous Viennese Naschmarkt.

Jagd Licht's Fur On The Rocks Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of the photos we produced, I hope you enjoy them! If you are a model or MUA and are interested in collaborating with us please get in touch by sending us an email via our contact page.

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