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The photographic adventures of

Sati Templar | Boudoir Photography session in Dallas, Texas. (NSFW)

Sati Templar by Mario Guarneros | Boudoir Photography

Sati Templar by Mario Guarneros | Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography in the USA

I met model Sati Templar a few years back while photo shooting around the USA.

Sati is an American model based in Dallas, Texas. We agreed to collaborate in what was one of my first Boudoir Photography sessions.

The Concept

We shot near sunset so the natural light coming from the window was beautiful. It provided us with the contrast that I needed to create fine art nudes that were not strong in nudity but rather powerful in contrast.

The imagery produced is black & white and colour muted in it's majority.

In Conclusion

As I was still new in the genre of boudoir photography it was of great help to have a pro model such as Sati and for anyone that would like to start photo shooting boudoir photography I highly recommend you hire a professional for your first couple of sessions.

Here is the gallery of the images we shot that day:

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